Programs (2020-2021)

1) Program on Numerical Analysis in Data Science

  • Fall of 2020: Novel and efficient numerical techniques are undeniably needed to process and interpret massive data sets generated by modern technological and scientific developments; e.g., surveillance, space observation, medical data. Three overlapping themes in emerging numerical methods for this program are (i) analysis of deep learning (DL) techniques; (ii) finding underlying dynamics of time-dependent data sets; (iii) Randomized Numerical Linear Algebra (RandNLA) algorithms.

2) Program on Combinatorial Probability

  • Spring 2021: Placing a probability distribution over rankings and decomposition of rankings is also a probability model with combinatorial parameters, and can be used to extend classically deterministic optimization-based methods to stochastic models. Partition parameters arise in modeling gerrymandering in voting districts, where one is interested in distributions of demographic, political affiliation, and social affiliation variables conditional on the partition. Topological data analysis will be part of this program.

3) Program on Data Science in the Social and Behavioral Sciences

  • Spring 2021: Major themes will include social network analysis and network neuroscience; comparisons and synthesis in causal inference and statistical modeling across structural equation models, directed acyclic graphs, and counterfactual approaches; consideration of new forms of digital data and the methods to analyze such data.

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Participation in SAMSI Events

SAMSI organizes numerous events both scientific and educational. Application forms can be found on the corresponding event pages.

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